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Programme starting September 2021

  • Take regular trips to cultural and theatrical events in London to explore the ways in which theatre and literature shape the city.
  • Roehampton is in the top five universities in England for graduate earnings in drama (Longitudinal Education Outcomes, 2019 results, earnings five years after graduation).
  • Undertake a work placement in a creative arts organisation, in teaching or in an archive (recent opportunities with The People Show, Chelsea Theatre and Live Art Development Agency).
  • Read a variety of texts with a focus on issues of diversity –including diversity of genre, diversity of authors and diversity of styles.


This BA Drama and English will allow you to study varied and interesting modules informed by academics from two outstanding departments at Roehampton. These two subject areas overlap in many ways, and this exciting programme will allow you to tailor your degree by choosing from a range of modules from both disciplines. 

We will use the rich resources available in the capital to inform teaching and your course includes tickets to a range of theatre productions, as well as trips to exhibitions and other cultural events. You will visit some of London’s most well-known theatres, seeing a variety of high-profile shows, thought-provoking plays and cutting-edge performance events. The ‘London in Literature’ includes a field trip to the City of London, during which we will explore locations associated with Charles Dickens and with T.S. Eliot's poem The Waste Land.

You’ll take specialised modules, such as ‘Themes/Moments/Authors’, focusing specifically on the important relationship between Drama and English. This programme also offers an interweaving of possibilities for third-year study including Drama’s Playwriting and ECW’s Contemporary Literature. This will enable you to gain practical performance and problem-solving skills, to develop your creative and academic writing practice. You could also choose to complete a work placement to build upon the skills and knowledge gained during the course.

You'll be taught by world-class researchers and writers and be able to meet renowned authors and performance makers at extra lectures and masterclasses, which have previously included our Chancellor, Dame Jacqueline Wilson, Kazuo Ishiguro, Anthony Horowitz, Emma Donoghue, as well as alumnus Matt Henry, Rachel John and Tristan Fynn-Aiduenu.

Year 1

  • Watch and discuss theatre and read a range of plays.
  • Immerse yourself in a wider range of literature, building your knowledge of modern and classic books.

Year 2

  • Focus in on particular historical periods. This could include Victorian Literature, which gave us Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights and Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest; or Modernist and Post-War Literature, which includes works by Don DeLillo and J. G. Ballard.
  • Explore the ways in which literature and theatre have responded to issues of race, gender and sexuality around the world.
  • Create responses to performance, from ‘framing materials’ to promote and respond to your work (such as a website, artists’ book or blog/vlog), to post-show discussions or site-specific events.

Year 3

  • At Level 6, research-led and independent study options range across a variety of creative and critical practices.
  • Have the option to develop your writing for performance, from initial idea to final script, and to apply the acquired skills and knowledges creatively in an extended original piece.
  • Complete a work placement to cement your learning and build industry connections.


Level 4 (all compulsory modules)

Discovering Literature [ENG]

Constructing the Classics [ENG]

London in Literature [ENG]

Encountering Theatre: Performances in a Global Context (DTP)

Performance and History: Diversifying the Canon (DTP)

Theatre Workshop 1 (DTP)



Level 5

Compulsory Modules

Themes/Moments/Authors (DTP/ECW)

Theatre Investigations: Diverse Identities (DTP)

Engaging Performance (DTP)

Critical Frameworks (DTP)

Students also choose from one period module and one topic module following list of options (as timetabling permits):


ENG Period modules

The Literary Renaissance
The Romantic Period

Modernist and Post-War Literature

ENG Topic modules

Writing Multicultural Britain

Genre in Context

Literature Gender and Sexuality

Children's Literature in Context

Literature and Media


Level 6

Compulsory Modules

Work Placement (DTP)

Adaptation: Literature into Performance (DTP/ECW)


Students also choose from the following list of options (as timetabling permits):


Contemporary Issues in Performance

Acting for Activists

Experiments in Performance and Failure

Theatre and the World

Performance, Gender and Sexuality

The Theatre Image

Performance, Leisure and Tourism

Drama of the '60s Counter-culture

Race Writes Representation

Shakespeare and Contemporary Performance

Theatre Criticism

Special Topic


Independent Learning




ENG Optional modules

Early Modern Gender

Diaspora Voices

Literature on Screen

Shakespeare: Stage and Page

Literature and the Culture of Print

Contemporary Literature

Perspectives on Children's Literature

Literature in Context




Drama and English Literature students will go on to a range of careers, including jobs in theatre, arts management, playwriting, arts journalism, casting, stage management, scenic, lighting or sound design, events management, leisure and tourism, publishing, journalism, media, advertising, community and social services, and heritage or cultural management. You could also go on to a master’s degree in theatre or English.

Our careers team is available to support you from the start of your studies until after you graduate. They will help you build your CV, prepare for interviews, and meet and learn from successful graduates working at the top of their careers. You’ll also have opportunities to work with our partners across London and beyond, and to attend a Roehampton jobs fair where you can find out about graduate opportunities and meet employers.

*What is validation and periodic review?

Life at Roehampton

At Roehampton, we can offer all new students the opportunity to live in accommodation on our beautiful parkland campus, including affordable and high-end options.

We offer scholarships, provide hardship funding and help you find advice on managing your finances while you study.

We provide plenty of opportunities for you to get involved, through volunteering, playing sport or music, or joining one of our many active student societies.