Student experiences

See what some of our recent study abroad students have to say about their Roehampton experience.

Ashley Maffit

Ashley Maffit

Home: Arkansas, USA

Programme of study: Psychology and Child Development

Best thing about Roehampton: The location, you get the best of both worlds – a campus feel with lots of students around but very close to central London with so much going on!

Top tip for study abroad students: Explore the city you are studying abroad in and don't take it for granted - be spontaneous!

Countries visited before this experience: None

Countries visited after: England, Scotland, Netherlands, Denmark and Italy

Kelsey Braham

Kelsey Braham

Home: Niagara Falls, NY

Programme of study: Accounting

Favorite thing about Roehampton: I loved the surroundings of the school. It's so close to central without being in the city. You have cool towns near by for pubs and shops. The people are great and the environment was just absolutely wonderful.

What is your favourite memory from your study abroad experience? My favorite memory was the social program. The trips included were awesome and having a tour and transportation was awesome. So many great things to do.

What is the biggest lesson you have learnt from this experience? Being accepting of all people no matter their culture or background. It's a really important skill to be able to get along with anyone.

I would recommend to anyone this program it was really overall wonderful!

Andrew Berenfeld

Andrew Berenfeld

Home: Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Programme of Study: English Education

Favourite thing about Roehampton: So many DUCKS

Favourite Memory: The mundane never felt like the mundane. All of the people I'd met, and all of the things I'd done have made every day some kind of cliché adventure, and I loved every moment of it.

Biggest Lesson: Just go for it. Don't say no to anything. Travel across the world by yourself, and throw yourself into the unknown. I had no idea what to expect when I left the airport alone that Thursday morning, but come Sunday, I was already having the time of my life.

I've never experienced anything quite like my time in London and man oh man I'd do it again every time.

Charlotte Renken

Charlotte Renken

Home: Denver, Colorado, USA

Programme of Study: Creative Writing and Literature

Favourite thing about Roehampton: The campus is stunning.

Most exciting moment: There isn't just one. I flew the Tardis in Wales (Yup. Doctor Who Experience. Look it up); I played real life Quidditch at Hampstead Heath every Saturday; I went to the first ever European Nerdfighter Convention at AFC Wimbledon; I danced at The Cavern club in Liverpool; I dressed as Sherlock Holmes in front of the location they use to film BBC's Sherlock.

I will definitely be back to London someday. I remember landing in Heathrow at the beginning of the program and thinking, "This is it. This is home. I just have to find my way back again." I hope to get my post-graduate degree at Roehampton, possibly in sociology or film.

Michael Joyce

Michael Joyce

Home: New York City

Programme of study: English Literature

Favorite thing about Roehampton: I really loved the beautiful campus and enjoyed sitting by the lake by Grove House and reading a book when I got the chance. I also loved how close the campus was to London, but I still felt like I was in the suburbs!

Tip to future study abroad students: Open up to new experiences and write down everything you do and take a lot of pictures! The experience goes by in the blink of an eye, but the memories will last forever and they'll be better if you have things to remind you of your time abroad!


Nicole Tomasofsky, Marymount Manhattan College

"The hours I didn’t spend in the library or studio studying and rehearsing, I spent at ruins, castles, palaces, theaters and museums. I learned the cultural dynamics and nuances of places I couldn’t even find on a map before studying abroad. I scoured pamphlets, explored social settings, and experienced protests. Traveling and planning trips was like a three credit course that meets everyday for two hours, but it was totally worth the time."

Read more in her brilliant article.