Ethics Applications for Undergraduate, MA and MSc Students

Ethics applications for undergraduate, MA and MSc students are not generally dealt with via the central ethics process but by the course Programme Convenor. The Undergraduate/ MA/ MSc Ethics Application form is a condensed version of the main Ethics Application Form, and also incorporates the consent form and debriefing form templates, which can be amended as necessary for individual applications. Please note that Programmes may adapt these documents to suit their specific needs.

Please note that these applications and information should not be sent to the Ethics Officer

The Ethics Guidelines can be consulted for general information, and you can contact the Ethics Officer or your Departmental Ethics Representatives if you have any specific queries, to see if an application should go via the central ethics process or if any issues need to be considered by the Ethics Committee (in which case the main Ethics Application form and documents should be used). Please note that projects that also require NHS approval should go via the central ethics process, using the main Ethics Application form.

If an Undergraduate/ MA/ MSc project is worth 50% or more of the total credits required to obtain the award, students should submit an Ethics application via the central ethics process.