Roehampton statement on 'conditional unconditional' offers

We are determined that all of our admissions policies and practices are in the interests of students and compliant with consumer protection legislation.

We regularly review our admissions policy and consult our students annually on their experience of applying to us. Last year 95 per cent of our applicants were happy with their experience of applying to the university*.

We are committed to supporting both prospective and current students and we offer a wide range of initiatives and support schemes, including a scholarship programme for high-achieving students.

After a review, we no longer offer 'conditional unconditional' offers. We also continue to ensure that at every stage of the application process our admissions policies are clear, fair and in the best interests of students.

* 95% selected either satisfied or very satisfied in response to the question: Overall, how satisfied are you with the way Roehampton dealt with your application to study? (Applicant Survey 2018).

4 April 2019