Coronavirus: Guidance for Tier 4 students

We will be updating this page as and when any further guidance is issued by the government which may be relevant for Tier 4 students.

Government guidance can be found here.

Tier 4 sponsorship

Following guidance from the Home Office, the University will continue your Tier 4 sponsorship during the suspension of face-to-face teaching. However all Tier 4 students should continue to engage with all learning, teaching and assessment online.

Any Tier 4 students who cannot attend their course due to the coronavirus or suspected coronavirus will have their absences classed as authorised. This means your Tier 4 sponsorship will not be negatively affected. Please make sure you e-mail to inform us.

If you decide to return to your home country, we will continue your Tier 4 sponsorship during your period of absence. It is very important you notify us, both for visa requirements and so that we can support you appropriately to continue your studies. Please e-mail with the following information:

  • Date of departure
  • Travel details i.e. flight confirmation
  • Reason for leaving UK
  • Planned return date (if possible)